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When Atakule became one of the most important symbol of Ankara, and Turkey, was opened on October 13, 1989, the memories made in Ankara changed completely…

It became the heart of this bustling city for people from 7 to 70 years old.  

One of Turkey’s leading brands, Atakule Real Estate Investment Trust, has blended its pioneering, entrepreneurial and dynamic identity with deep rooted commercial history to shape the reconstruction project since Atakule is not only a shopping mall, but part of cultural heritage.

Atakule has returned in a way that reflects the international dynamism of Ankara by adding modern architecture, design and technology that blends tradition with the future. 

The architecture of Atakule was honored with the Sign of the City: Best Local Based Shopping Mall award, which carefully considered the needs of the people of Ankara and its visitors, by offering activities varying from social life to art, shopping to culinary delights, and is a tribute to nature.
Our guests at Atakule feel they are outdoors thanks to interior bronze details that reflect the bright sunlight.

Atakule offers the finest culinary arts along with the magnificent Botanik Park scenery. Our guests can enjoy a day in nature at Atakule from the observation deck and roof terrace overlooking Botanik Park.

With its progressive façade design and eye-catching colors, Atakule is the most appealing part of the city silhouette for locals and visitors alike.

With Gastronome offering the most valuable example of culinary arts; the technology of the movie theatre turning your joy of watching a movie into a visual show; distinguished brands in every store; the tower restaurant serving Turkish and world cuisines with a 360° view of Ankara; the vision of pioneering social life and the unchanging rhythm of city life is at the heart of Ankara today, as it was yesterday.




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