Start your day with a calm brunch in the gourmet restaurant of Atakule. Enjoy the city view terrace and take the panoramic elevator to join a fashion show in the midst of clouds in the sky after shopping. Watch the sunset sipping your favorite drink after visiting the exhbition that the whole city has been talking about. Eat a candlelight dinner for a dreamlike evening experience designed for the finest tastes. See a film that shakes your soul in our boutique cinema which is very different from ordinary cinema concepts. Be our guest in a DJ party if you are chomping on the bit to have crazy fun. Watch the stars blink from the terrace if you are in a romantic mood.

Atakule is life itself. Indulge yourself!
Atakule will enliven our kids’ memories, too! The Atakule of our childhood used to be the symbol of happiness and the center of unlimited fun. Now it’s our kids’ turn! There will be international education centers for kids where they will participate in workshops that will let them learn while having fun as well as have brand new experiences in the new face of Atakule. Designed specially for kids from a to z, Atakule gets inspiration from the everlasting energy of childhood.
Atakule hosts brands that can only be found in the leading metropoles of the world for those who follow all the trends around the world without compromising their own original styles; are deeply into art, fashion, and technology; feed on different cultures; prefer city life; and yet do not ever end their relationship with nature. Atakule’s combination of brands is a perfect organization which is ready to serve us in all fields from our daily needs to the most sophisticated ones! Atakule places itself once again in the mind and heart of Ankara with its unique identity. Atakule’s brands let Ankara join the league of fashion capitals.
Atakule will be constructing brand new memories by creating links with you as well as the city that go beyond shopping for the active and lively lifestyle of Ankara. Atakule unfolds Ankara’s beauty with its terrace that views the city with 360 degrees. The rooftop terrace will host an open-air cinema as well as music and gourmet festivals. Its open-air cinema and lounge bar are eagerly looking forward to meeting their guests. With its boutique cinema halls and its leisure and activity venues that will host the most trendy events in the city, Atakule will be an irreplaceable meeting point for the city!
Sit in a cafe on our terrace floor that views the Botanical Park to have a coffee and a quick rest or spend a long and beautiful candlelight evening. Atakule’s restaurants and its combination of world cuisine that will impress even the most hard-to-please gourmet customers are looking forward to the day when they will open their doors to you.